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help St. Petri Lutheran Church

Griefshare Support Group Classes

March 7 to May 30


You are invited to attend our new Griefshare support

group, which meets on Thursdays from 3-4 p.m.

These sessions are intended for those who have lost

a loved one in the past, whether it be a week or 20

years ago, who would like to hear about ways of coping with grief in all its unpredictability, and gain support each step of the way.

Each weekly GriefShare group begins with prayer, and a 30-minute video featuring respected experts on grief-related topics and helpful stories from people who have experienced loss. Together we will talk about our experiences, listen and learn from each other as we walk through the grief process. Questions about our faith are also expected and welcomed as we tackle the topics that we wonder about but are often too afraid to ask.

Each participant will also receive a “workbook” to take home and look through. There’s no “homework” expected. Also, you don’t have to attend every session of the group, as life happens and we can’t always make it to the things we want to. If you feel like you could benefit from talking about your grief with others, listening to others share their experiences, or speaking with Pastor Moeller about your experience and questions you may have, this group is for you.

There is no cost to attend. If you are interested, please RSVP to the church office so we have plenty of materials available. Thank you!

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